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The 4 Week Transformation Challenge

With the 4 Week Transformation Challenge, you get:

👉 4 weeks worth of nutritious meal plans
👉 4 weeks worth of strength training & cardio plans
👉 4 weeks worth of access to our exclusive Ford Wellness app (to track workouts and log food)
👉 Video demonstrations to show you how to properly execute the exercises with impeccable form and technique
👉  An online trainer that will help you through the 4 weeks, hold you accountable AND answer any questions you may have along the way
👉 An amazing new body that you’ll be PROUD to show off!


Women, Click Here to Register Today!

Men, Click Here to Register Today!

Check out just a few of our past clients’ progess from the 4-Week Transformation Challenge!

So What’s The Challenge? Here it is…

  1. Stay consistent with your workouts and eating your meal plan

  2. Check-in with your coach weekly by posting your weight, measurments, and progress pictures

  3. Lose at least 5lbs over the 4 weeks of the challenge (most people who follow the plans to a T lose A LOT MORE!)

  4. When you’re finished, leave us your feedback

Are you up for the challenge? If you fulfill the challenge requirements, not only will you lose weight, be healthier, and get the internal fulfillment of knowing you CONQUERED A GOAL… but we’ll also give you 25% off your next program with us!


Women, Click Here to Register Today!

Men, Click Here to Register Today!

If you’re still reading this- it’s not by accident! You’re still reading for a reason! And that reason is you are READY TO GET HEALTHY AND FIT!Every single day we get to help people JUST LIKE YOU breakthrough that dreaded yo-yo cycle & help them FINALLY achieve their ultimate fitness goals!We’d love the opportunity to help you achieve your fitness goals once and for all! And the 4 Week Transformation Program will kickstart your journey to a healthier, happier YOU!


Women, Click Here to Register Today!

Men, Click Here to Register Today!

We only offer the program once per quarter! We also cap out the number of people we allow to register so that we can continue to provide the BEST service to our clients! ⏰⏰

So, if you feel fed up with not feeling like you’re living up to your health potential, and you’re ready to drop some pounds, claim your spot in the challenge!  Click the link below right now to register TODAY ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Women, Click Here to Register Today!

Men, Click Here to Register Today!

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“I did the 4 week women’s cut program. It was easier to follow than I thought it would be. I liked that it was both nutrition and working out. I saw results not only did I lose weight I lost inches. I felt so much better when I was doing it. Plan on doing it again.”
-Ros F, Ford Wellness Customer and Former Program Participant“Ford Wellness changed the way I look at food and how I feel about it. Being a person who enjoys eating, Jo educated me on how to eat well without calling it a diet. Her knowledge as a nutritionist along with regimented work out plans have been a true testament of me taking better care of myself. I am an advocate and refer others to her program. Truly I am a walking testimony.”
— Taren P., Ford Wellness Customer and Former Program Participant

Responsive to your concerns and results driven! The program is conducive to any schedule and focuses on your mental, nutritional, and physical health. Have a few set backs? No worries. The program allows you get back into the game without guilt or shame. Highly recommend!”

— J E H., Ford Wellness Customer and Former Program Participant
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