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“[The 4 Week Cut for Women] taught me to eat well and exercise regularly, which for me eliminated a lot of bloating, and also eliminated a lot of inflammation.” – Taren – Ohio, USA


“One of the hardest things sometimes is to figure out what to eat or when to eat and how to combine foods, and she’s taken that guesswork away from it.” – Michelle – Maryland, USA


I’ve been one of those clients who [Jonene] has had to be very patient with, and instead of her becoming frustrated or angry with me, she kinda actually rolls with me being a single mom. She’s very hands-on and will even send a text here and there, even though we’re in different states.” – Tarsha – Ohio, USA


“The support group is just amazing…everybody’s there to help out. I gained a lot of confidence. The positive vibes you get from everyone is just awesome!” – Marissa – Ohio, USA


“I’m really horrible on dieting but the fact that I knew exactly what to do and how to substitute various things – that helped me tremendously!.” – Akilah – Virginia, USA


“I have lost 20 plus pounds. I lost 7 inches. I love this program because it provides us with delicious eating options. They change week to week. And it’s fun!” – Jasmine – Maryland, USA


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