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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Tip 3

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Tip 3

** Eat Organic Vegetables & Fruits Everyday!

Mom always said, "eat your vegetables" as a kid, but some of us slack off a bit when we become adults.  I mean, of course we all know that we SHOULD eat more fruits and vegetables, but sometimes we don't because we can't quite articulate WHY we should.  Well here's something you can tell yourself the next time you're struggling to eat fruits and veggies everyday - THEY CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!

** Organic Fruits & Vegetables Have Disease-Fighting Power!

Vegetables and fruits are just generally very good for you, but did you know they can also prevent breast cancer?  Yup, it's true!  Fruits and vegetables include the following disease-fighting properties:
+ women who consume higher daily dietary fiber (25 grams per day or more) have lower incidences of breast cancer
+ Phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables prevent breast cancer (and other types of cancers) by:
o stopping the formation of carcinogens in the body
o stopping carcinogens from attacking healthy cells
o stopping existing cancer cells from reproducing
+ fruits and vegetables are PACKED with vitamins and minerals
+ women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer if they do not regularly get needed daily amounts of vitamins and minerals
+ All of these vitamins and minerals have been shown to reduce cancer risk (and you can find lots of them in fruits and veggies)
o B vitamins
o Vitamin K
o Magnesium
o Selenium

** Choose ORGANIC Fruits & Vegetables for Optimal Benefit

They may cost a little more, but organic produce is grown without the heavy use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers like other produce.  These chemicals can actual activate cancer cell growth! Ugh!

To prevent chemical consumption from your fruits and veggies
* give all produce a rinse in a vinegar and water bath
* buy local, organically grown produce whenever available (check out the farmer's market, but beware, just because it's local doesn't mean it's organic)
* try not to buy frozen or canned produce
* if you need frozen produce, buy it fresh, wash it, and freeze it yourself

** Don't Like Fruits or Veggies That Much?

Well, that's no reason to not eat them, especially now that you know they can help prevent breast cancer (and pretty much all other types of cancer and chronic disease).

Try one of these to ensure you get your 5-10 servings per day
* Make a smoothie - a smoothie with almond milk, a banana, berries, and leafy greens like spinach can help you get 5 servings all in one cup!
* Make a vegetable stir-fry - try stir-frying some pea pods, onions, sliced carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, and bell peppers together in a little sesame oil.  Serve over rice and add a little teriyaki sauce for flavor. Voila, another 3-5 servings right there!
* Try a greens powder - Garden of Life has an organic green powder that includes juiced, then dried fruits and vegetables.  Mix a scoop with 8 ounces of organic OJ in the morning, and you'll have all the servings you need for the day!

** Organic Fruits & Vegetables Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Make an effort to get 5-10 servings of vegetables and fruits everyday! 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked equals one serving.  Your body will thank you!

-written by Jonene Ford

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