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Breast Cancer Aware Month – Tip 2

** Tip #2 - Get to a Healthy Weight & Stay There

** Excess Body Fat Increases Your Risk

When some women come to me wanting to lose weight, they often lead with something like "I want to look good naked" or "I'm going on vacay and need to fit into my swimsuit." Those are good goals, yes, but the first goal of all should be being healthy!

I'm all for loving your body as it is, in every stage and at every weight!  But part of loving your body is doing what is best for it!  Getting to a healthy weight isn't just about looking a certain way, or fitting or certain dress.  It isn't just about being considered 'a hot mama', or wearing those jeans you haven't pulled on since high school.

No, getting to a healthy weight is about HEALTH! Period.  All those other things are simply perks.  Priorities ladies, priorities!

So, let's focus on getting to a healthier weight, and lowering our risk of breast cancer this month, deal?

** How Does Excess Body Fat Increase Breast Cancer Risk?
1. Chronic low-level inflammation, which is common in obese individuals, activates a protein that enables tumor growth.  Click here ( to learn ways to reduce inflammation.
2. Adipocytes (fat cells) can produce estrogen.  The more adipocytes present, the more estrogen that is produced.  Estrogen can spark cancer cell development in the breast and other areas.
3. Increased levels of insulin, often associated with excess body fat, can help some cancers develop, including breast cancer.

** How to Get to a Healthy Weight & Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer?
* Move More - aim for 30-60 minutes of physical activity everyday.  This could start with things as simple as going for a daily walk, doing some yard work, or parking far away from the store to get a few extra steps in.  Eventually, progress to getting heart-healthy cardiovascular exercise and some strength training in the mix!
* Eat More Fruits and Vegetables - they're low in calories, yet they fill you up pretty quickly so you're less likely to graze on junk foods
* Cut Out Sodas and Juices - eat your calories instead of drinking them.  Stick to water and teas (brewed from the tea bag, not sweet tea).  You'll get less sugar, less calories, and will be on your way to a healthy weight!
* Get Help From A Professional - hiring a nutritionist, health coach, or personal trainer is an investment that can help you get to a healthy weight, and more importantly, could save your life!

-written by Jonene Ford

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