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Bodybuilding Competition Prep

Competing is tough!

People who do it are extraordinary!

I’m not talking about just their bodies and physical strength – I’m talking about their mental strength!  They are the cream of the crop when it comes to perseverance, determination, and will-power!

Check out a few of our Bodybuilding Athletes!

If  you’re ready to join the 1%ers…the class of elite athletes whose physiques cannot be matched, we’re ready too…let’s do this!

Your competition prep plans will all be delivered to you online using the Ford Wellness app! You’ll receive your meal plans, supplement recommendations, cardio plans, and training split recommendations. You’ll be required to check-in (send progress pictures, weight, and measurements) with your coach twice per week. Your plans may be changed up to twice per week in order to keep you on track for your show date!

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