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21 Day Core Blast

The 21-day Core Blast Program will help you build a stronger and more defined core!

What Do You Get?
1) an online program that can be done at your convenience
2) strength-training exercises that will challenge your core stability
3) cardio plans will help you shred belly fat
4) a 21-day meal plan will nourish your body and your ABS
5) access to the Ford Wellness app that tells you EXACTLY what to do, how much to do, and even provides video demonstrations of each exercise so you can be confident that you’re performing each exercise correctly
6) text access to your online fitness coach via the Ford Wellness Training app throughout the entire process who will answer any questions you have, hold you accountable for success and make sure you’re following your plans and staying on track
7) membership in our an exclusive Facebook group and app group that’s just for Ford Wellness clients where you’ll get motivation from other clients, and learn lots about health, wellness, and fitness (and you get to help motivate others as well)

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